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Colour correction

Colour correction is a combination of chemistry and art.

Our expert stylists hold a wealth of colour correction knowledge and experience in both home dye disasters and correcting other salons work earning our reputation as Thanet and Kent’s leading colour house.


Your colourist will hold a free consultation with you where they will look at the colour in depth and will…
1) Find out what you were trying to achieve.
2) Asses the damage caused.
3) Explain what has gone wrong to you using the colour wheel so you can understand whats happened and what needs to happen next.
4) Put together a solution for you to safely get to where you wanted to.
5) Agree a price.
6) Give you a skin sensitivity test.
7) And lastly book you a colour correction appointment.

There is no set hair salon price for colour correction the cost is set when we can determine the amount of work that is necessary to achieve your desired result and sometimes this can not be achieved in a single appointment.

We will then advise you on aftercare for your hair as after multiple colour processes your hair will need deep moisturizing and nourishment as the colour will fade out quicker than normal due to the damage on the fabric of the hair.

For your safety no colour service can be carried out without a skin sensitivity test 48 hours prior to the colour service. Please call 01843 852662 to book one now.

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