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Hair Contouring – The New Thing

No, your eyes and ears aren’t playing tricks on you—the contouring phenomenon has officially branched out into hair color, using highlights, at that, to achieve a more defined face shape.

Colour is concentrated near cheekbones, then around the corners of eyes, which creates a lifted appearance. Your features will pop by simply placing the right amount of consistency within the highlights, following the cheekbones and the eyes. “When contouring the hair, you must follow the movement of the natural hair flow. You can’t have the highlights too close to each other because you need depth to make the color pop, so you must have a very delicate approach when focusing around the hairline.” Through using a balayage-esque painting technique, you use a much lighter hand and allows the natural hair color to penetrate through the highlighted portion.

Rather than your foil highlights, your only painting the surface of the hair. It’s a natural-looking finish, and since there aren’t noticeable lines of demarcation, it’s a low-maintenance look. The technique works on every hair color and texture out there, so both hair color virgins and heavily-processed tresses alike can get in on the fun. You can ask your hairstylist to emphasize areas near your cheekbones and eyes to make them pop, or better yet, bring in a picture and have them tailor the color to fit your natural tone. Just like with babylights, the contrast is barely-there.

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