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Holiday haircare

You’ve researched on pintrest all the wonderful hidden places to visit at your chosen destination, had your mnicure and pedicure packed your clothes and got your tickets and passport out ready but that I’ve forgotten something feeling keeps on lingering….

What is it??

Your Hair silly… This should become top priority if you want instgram worthy pictures to make your friends wish they were there. Some prep, tlc while away and you’re ready for the paparazzi.

First things first, before you jet off ensure that your hair is in the best condition possible. So, book in a hair cut even it’s in just a trim. It’ll help remove any split ends or damage so your hair is less likely to suffer further damage. If you’re booked in for a colour, particularly highlights, mention to your stylist that you are going away. Being in the sun can cause your hair to lift two to three shades so they may recommend a tone darker.

If you’re one for relaxing by the pool, (I don’t move from it) ONE option is to cover up your hair with a hat or Simply wet your hair in the morning apply some Paul Mitchell Super Charge conditioner all over your hair and laze by the pool allowing the heat to open up the cuticles and the deep treatment to penetrate the cuticles. Then when you’re ready to go for dinner rinse out and style hey presto silky smooth beautiful shiny hair.

This is a simple way to avoid damaging your locks with UV rays and also protects you from burning your scalp, whilst looking super stylish at the same time. UV rays can break down hair proteins and cause brittle damaged hair. This leaves hair at risk of further breakage when hair is hit from the wind, air conditioning and air pollution so it’s really important to cover up if you can.

Always remember to rinse hair after taking a dip in the pool as the chlorine in the water can discolour hair that has been highlighted or bleached. Swimming in the sea may give beachy waves thanks to the sea salt, but make sure you use a cleansing shampoo every couple of days to remove build up and avoid hair becoming brittle and dry. If your hair is super dry and damaged leave a conditioning mask on overnight to nourish.


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