hair dye allergic reaction

It’s just colour, What could possibly go wrong?

Back in 2015, I took the decision to care for my guests to my salon in an utmost way and ban any colour, tinting or glueing service being permitted without a valid skin sensitivity test being done on each client.
This has seen me as a business turn away hundreds of pounds in revenue on a daily basis but I firmly believe that as a professional salon we have a duty of care to the client to keep them safe!

Apologizes for the poor quality picture there are no professional ones to be found unfortunately, It’s not like while looking like an elephant woman our first thoughts would be to go on a photo shoot or take a pro light selfie.

The facts…

* A skin sensitivity test is to be done on every new guest when joining our salon for any colour, eyelash tinting and extensions and eyebrow tinting services.
* A skin test is valid for six months unless the guest is continuing with the exact same colour as on their last visit.
* A test should be carried out 48 hours in advance to any colour service.
* Even my team are tested every six months.
* We will NOT colour anyone’s hair if they do not have a valid skin sensitivity test.
* No person under the age of 16 is permitted to have any colour service in obsessions salon.

Back in October, the BBC aired a documentary highlighting how some in our industry can be prepared to skip tests and offer colour to clients as young as 12. While reactions to colour services are very rare thankfully they can and do happen.

Our very own reservation’s manager Nicky who had been having the same colour for many years with us and had a valid skin test all of sudden became overnight allergic to our colour and had a reaction of facial swelling for three days. She is now absolutely fine again with our colour and I will suspect that her hormone levels had drastically changed to cause the reaction and have now settled back down, so it just goes to show that you can become allergic to colour at any time.

I pride myself on doing the right thing and caring for our guests whatever the cost!

If you are currently visiting another salon who don’t perform skin sensitivity tests then please please ask them to do one on you before any colour ever touches your scalp again!

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