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Love your hair colour

As its the Month of LOVE I’d like to share with you some facts on hair colour its time to make some time for yourself and fall in love with your hair colour all over again…

Let us share with you some facts…

95% of woman don’t know what colour is being used on them in their salons.
50% of women are not happy with their hair colour.
40% of women have not yet found their ideal hair care range.
5.4 million woman have stopped colouring their hair in salons.
1.3 of them women have stopped colouring their hair all together.

Scary that there are so many unhappy women in the world of hair.

We want to start conversations and educate our guests on hair care and colouring giving you a better experience and more knowledge to make important decisions on making sure you got it right…


There are 4 types of hair colour each type dose a different job and you would choose which one to have by thinking carefully about the look you want to achieve. Here is a great way of understanding each one.
1) Permanent This has full coverage (even those pesky grey’s) depth and tone and covers like a lipstick.
2) Semi permanent gives great shine, depth and tone and covers like a lip gloss slightly more translucent.
3) Demi colour gives you depth and tone but will fade almost like when you pop a gloss over lipstick.
4) High lift tint lifts the hair making it feel lighter and younger.

There are lots of other factors that go’s into choosing the right colour for you and we will walk you through these so there will be no more nervous waiting as the colour develops.
* These factors include what technique will help you achieve the over all look you are after.
* Are you warm or cool skin tone.
* What placement is needed around your face to bring out your best features.
* What type of fabric is your hair.

By assessing all the above your stylist will be able to give you a truly bespoke colour just for you. Get it just right and your eyes will literally pop from your profile.

It is really important to stress that we do NOT colour anyone’s hair with out first doing a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before any colour service. We are a professional salon and our guest care is our most important priority. Even if you have had a test in another salon unless we carry out another one we will not carry out any colour service….

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