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Obsessed with doing our bit for the world…

Change is in the air! For better or worse the world is always on the move – politically, economically and environmentally – but we can all do a lot more than we think we can to change it. We all have the power to make the world a different place and it begins with choosing the right brands!!

Obsessions is a forward thinking salon, holding making a difference at the forefront of our minds… From the brands we choose to work with ourselves to the charities we choose to support we do our very best every day to impact our world for the better… We dedicate what we do to giving back…

So just what do we do???

Firstly we cut our carbon footprint, save water and electricity by using eco towels. Scrummi eco towels are biodegradable so can go in with any biodegradable waste such as food, hair or brown card recycling. The towels will decompose within 3 months under ideal decomposable conditions. The towels can also be added to the normal rubbish for landfill where they will breakdown and leave no blight on the environment.
This means that we are not endlessly washing and drying normal towels wasting water and electricity or putting sope / chemical pollution down our drains.

We support CoCo’s foundation as our main charity. This is where we can make a real difference to orphans’ lives. Over the last two years coco’s have taken 136 volunteers out to south africa to build 22 houses for 155 orphans.
Helping child-headed families, Families where orphans are living on their own and without the love, guidance and support of parents.

In this region there are about 9,000 orphans. Many of their parents have died from AIDS or related illnesses, and the children live in groups for safety. It is not unusual for 20 children to be living in one house.

As a registered UK charity, Coco’s inspire UK teenagers and hairdressers so they can support and help orphaned children communities within the poorest areas in South Africa. Their aim is to deliver each child’s basic needs: food, water, shelter and professional emotional support.

We built our first obsessions house last April we we sent our first team member out to build it with her bare hands and our next team member gpo’s out this April to build house number two.

Read more about coco’s HERE

We are also a Paul Mitchell signature salon and we choose to use the Paul Mitchell products not just because they help us do great hair but because as a company their ethos fits with ours.
* They impact the world as little as possiable
* They created 1,091,034 shelters for animals last year
* 750,000 trees will have been planted by the end of 2019 through Reforest’ action
* More than £20’000 has been pledged to coppafeel a uk breast cancer charity
* They are a proud supporter of Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental movement that is dedicated to protecting communities, ecosystems and waterways for more than a decade.
* In just four years since Paul Mitchell founded Grow Appalachia they have helped 4,370 families grow and produce 2.7 million pounds of organic food.

When it comes to how obsessions is making a difference, the above speaks for itself. Isn’t it time you were part of a culture helping to change the world?

Get OBSESSED we are.

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