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Guy Tang metallic colection

New to the UK Guy tang has relised his first colour range and WE HAVE IT….

You can now find the new colour trend that is metallic hair at obsessions and we are OBSESSED

Designed for pre-lightened hair, the Silver and Violet Metallics offer artistry and creativity while providing a blue or violet reflection.

The Metallic Collection can be used to add dimensional highlights, an overall cool steel finish, or added into other shades for a smokey look.

but be warned for the dark haired among us its not an easy although definatly achievable journey.

Although Guy Tang metallics let us deliver stunning results, a word of advice… some of the images appearing on social media at the moment may make you believe anything is possible, and in one single visit.

It may possibly take several appointments to achieve the fashion-forward look you are after, and for your stylist a colour change as dramatic as this can be very challenging.

So remember, when undergoing a lightening service your hair must go through several phases, from red to orange to yellow to blonde.

The visual I use to explain exactly what I mean is this…obsessions salon

And its the latter that you need to be in order for metallics to work…

Im asked all the time about metallic hair and its a beautiful hue to wear but it is a fashion colour and we as haidressers have to be realistic about the longevity of the results… Typically lasting around 3 weeks, its the sort of colour you wear for an event like a wedding or a festival unless you want to commit to 3 weekly hair appointments then thats just great you can wear away…

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