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New beginnings, Everlasting happiness and forever beautiful hair…

A new year is a fresh start and a new opportunity to break bad habits moving easily from where you are to where you want to be!

This year let’s focus all our attention on repairing the damage caused by all the parties we attended over the Christmas season.The last few months have had us using too much heat styling, piling on the products and generally giving our hair poor treatment! Now it’s time to look at Clarifying shampoos, Scalp exfoliators, Nourishing oils and Strengthening treatments after all it’s not just our liver that deserves a well earned detox.

Shiny, manageable, healthy hair is the way forward in 2018 and can be your’s with a little love and attention. Discover the obsessions salon New beginnings, everlasting happiness and forever beautiful hair program, It’s not a fad new year resolution its a change in lifestyle to get you achieving the hair you’ve always dreamed off.

1) Use a clarifying shampoo such as Shampoo Two® from Paul Mitchell® helps minimize oil and add the perfect amount of body to flat, lifeless hair. The color-safe formula cleanses oily hair and the scalp, leaving hair feeling fresh and looking shiny. Deep cleansers wash away build-up without stripping out much-needed moisture while minimizing oil production in the scalp for the perfect balance. or Remove product build-up, chlorine and minerals from hair with Shampoo Three® from Paul Mitchell®. This deep-cleansing shampoo washes away impurities while keeping strands strong. Use as needed for bouncy, soft hair.

2) Once a month use a a scalp exfoliator we love a homemade cucumber and mint sugar scrub which is full of antioxidants, this will remove the buildup of dead skin cells and oil build up alike making sure your hair follicles are as healthy as they can be mimicking younger hair and boosting growth.

3) A deep conditioning treatment once a week will strengthen, detangle and help prevent split ends and heat damage adding moisture and or protein your stylist can advise you after a simple test what your hair is lacking and then personally prescribe the right treatment for you.

4) Regular cuts!!!!!!! This will remove the dry damaged ends and will promote growth, shiny and manageable hair we recommend shorter styles visit ever 4-6 weeks, Medium length every 6-8 weeks and for longer locks it’s 8-10 weeks.

To help recover from the partying this January we are giving all our guests a free cucumber and mint scalp exfoliation at the basin for every full price cut and style booked until the 31st January. Why not also add a conditioning treatment to your service starting at £10 and start the year off as you mean to go on!!
Your stylist can also pre book all your next cut and colours for up to the whole year so you are fully hair organised for 2018.

Happy new year you beautiful lot

Much love


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