obsessions salon ramsgate

Part of grade two listed Ramsgate, our stunning salon stands proudly just off England’s only royal harbour.
Its two doors down the road that our owner and director Jennifer Louise decided to first develop the concept of the obsessions experience back in 2004 calling number 22 home for 10 years, then moving to this beautiful space 4 years ago.

Our signature philosophy The Heart and Soul of Obsessions defines us, sets us apart and promises to leave you totally relaxed, refreshed, centered and confident.

The Heart and Soul of Obsessions
Our Culture and Magic

1) Be obsessed with detail.
2) It’s all about the experience.
3) It’s not just haircuts were selling, its the happiness and confidence that comes from expert knowledge and a great service.
4) Actions speak louder than words… If you say you’re going to do something do it.
5) Embrace the power of random acts of kindness, It feels good to make someone else feel great 🙂
6) Always be growing.
7) Treat people the way that you would like to be treated.
8) Give our guests something to talk later about with their friends Be obsessed.
9) Shine like a star and help others sparkle too.
10) Never miss the gorge.
11) Have fun, laugh, smile and dance life’s too short to be some place lame.
12) If you’re in the room be in the room.
13) Obsessions stands for family.